“My experience working with Bob was very positive, especially concerning some patent licensing issues we were going through at the time. Not only was he very professional, but he also demonstrated real knowledge and understanding of both technical and business issues, which he used very effectively to advise us and help facilitate the negotiations”Simon Lee, R&D Director, The Dow Chemical Company

“Bob is a proficient and effective attorney in both U.S. and EPO patent practice. He is attentive to detail, diligent, candid and interacts well with his clients and colleagues.”Gary Plotecher, shareholder and head of the IP practice group at Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek S.C.

“Bob's work has always been excellent, timely and cost effective. I highly recommend Bob as a patent professional.”Neil DuChez, senior partner at Renner Otto Boisselle & Sklar

“I was impressed by his in-depth knowledge in the field of intellectual property, combined with an extensive knowledge of chemistry, excellent negotiation skills and a very good sense of the business implications. It has been a great opportunity for me to benefit from his expertise and know-how.”Jean Claude Wothke, Customer Solutions Manager, Dow Coating Solutions, Dow Chemical

“Robert Lelkes is an excellent patent attorney. He helped me obtain a key US patent.”Steve Chum, Senior Consultant at Advanced Materials & Applications, member of the Plastics Hall of Fame, former chief scientist at the Dow Chemical Company, recipient of the US National Inventor of the Year Award in 1994

“Bob helped me understand what needs to go into a patent application, which encouraged me to continue the process of inventing. He is a very skilled patent attorney. I would highly recommend Bob to everyone who is looking for patent counsel.”Dr. Thoi Ho, Polymer Additives Scientist in Polymer Product Development TS&D, Flint Hills Resources

“Bob is a very good patent attorney. He has a lot of creative ideas and knowledge when drafting patent applications and prosecuting them to obtain patents. He works diligently and effectively toward achieving the desired objective. He is also very skilled and patient when explaining patent concepts and sharing his experience with others. He is very easy to work with and he always interacted with me and my colleagues in a respectful manner.”Joseph Gan, Product Research Leader, The Dow Chemical Comapny

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US Attorney-at-Law (DC Bar)

  • admitted to practice in the United States since 1984
  • registered to practice in Germany by the chamber of German attorneys-at-law
  • more than ten years’ experience in US private practice

Special expertise:
US risk management, transatlantic transactions

Registered US Patent Attorney

  • admitted to practice before the US Patent and Trademark Office since 1989 (Reg. No. 33,730)
  • former US patent examiner (Group 1200)
  • more than seven years’ experience representing Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized companies and individual inventors

Special expertise:
Patent drafting and procurement in the chemical field

European Patent Attorney

  • admitted to practice before the European Patent Office via the EPO qualifying examination since 2006
  • more than seven years’ experience representing Fortune 500 companies and mid-sized companies in examination and opposition proceedings
  • experienced in oral proceedings before the Boards of Appeal

Special expertise:
Patent drafting, procurement and oppositions in the chemical field

Portrait: Robert Lelkes
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